Deuter Aircontact 65 + 10

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These stable trekking packs have also undergone a complete transformation. With luxurious back padding and top-notch features, these packs are comfortable load haulers, burly provision keepers, and organized gear storage all in one package. The pivoting Vari Flex fins hold the load firmly in place. Combined with the X-frame and the Vari Quick system they form a carry system that will take medium to heavy loads, while maintaining stability, flexibility and optimum load transfer. With its new back-padding layout, the Aircontact System sits even more comfortably on the back, while at the same time optimizing the airflow.


* Weight 2800 g
* Capacity 65 + 10 L + 8L side pockets
* Dimensions 83/38/28 cm
* Materials MacroTec/Ripstop Polytex/Duratex

- Back-Length Adjustable: Adjust the effective back length to match the individual requirement with the Vari-Quick system
- S-Shaped Shoulder Straps: Relief for the muscles at the nape of the neck and avoids digging into the neck; the adjustable chest straps give greater stability
- Padded and Stiffened Hip Belts: Important for the optimum weight transfer to the hips, especially when carrying heavy loads
- Separated Compartment: A removable floor keeps the load in place
- Rain Cover: The perfect protection from rain, it can be removed from the backpack for better and faster drying
- SOS Label: Under the lid with emergency numbers (Europe) and international distress signals to help the user in case of emergency
- Compression Straps and Loops: For hiking poles and climbing equipment
- Height-Adjustable Lid: The volume of the backpack can be increased depending on the model by approx. 10 L
- Pockets on Both Sides: These offer 4-8 L additional volume and when empty the slim shape of the backpack is retained
- Hydration System-Compatible: Attachment loops, openings for the tubes and a hose holder enable the use of a water bladder

* Dealing method: Registered Parcel
* Shipping Cost: W.Malaysia RM 15, E.Malaysia RM 18
* Payment method: Maybank2u

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